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What the mind needs, in order to let go.

As we head off in December into our "break" and "holiday" mode, do you have a sense of clarity and direction for this coming year? It’s absolutely essential to pause/restore/rest and digest at the end of the year, WITH a clear commitment to your vision of clarity and purpose for this coming year.

In embodiment coaching we identify and harness the resources/tools we that we have NOT previously had access to. Without these resources in place, most of us have developed coping mechanisms, defences, ways of being because at some point in our lives that was the best strategy to deal with something that felt too frightening, or that you did not have the resources to handle.

Once you begin commiting to your own growth, you simply outgrow these cooping mechanisms and they become obstacles in moving towards the new ways of being that you are calling in. The mind will resist letting these defence mechanisms, old ways of being go whilst it still believes it does not have the tools to dismantle them. So our work in one on one sessions is to practice over and over building the tools and resources of your embodiment/emotional process until your mind trusts that there is something substantial that’s holding you, something that your mind can rest into.

In our embodiment sessions we practice these tools/resources of moving energy/emotion/sensation through the body and to build trust that we can hold ourselves in order to move through intense emotion. And each time that we move through, we build the case that we can in fact do this again next time. When we welcome in the parts of our experience that we resist, we can extend the reach of our love to part of ourselves that have been deemed wrong/unwanted. So the invitation here for you to try on in a class with me, or on your own, is to witness any parts of yourself that are feeling raw or resistant, and USE that awareness consciously as a RESOURCE. Holding yourself in that awareness like you would hold a child that is frightened.

This is just one tiny taste of what Embodiment Coaching can offer in terms of practical tools and resources.

In 2020 I will be offering 1:1 sessions, the group coaching series Empowered Body as well as an exclusive Membership Group for people who are ready for ongoing support and community. Which of these will best support you to do your soul’s work in this coming year? If you're one of the first 20 people to message me here you'll receive 20% off the 2020 price!

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