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Taking the leap into staccato

My exploration for the series this week has inspired me to examine my relationship to transition into staccato. And I’ve realized what a tricky one it is! For a long time I don’t think I ever was aware of a transition, it was more of a leap. As I look back on the first several years of dancing the 5Rhythms®, I think I always managed to be late enough to miss Flow, and jumped straight into Staccato. Much like I leap out of bed in the morning to start the “jobs” of the day. It’s amazing that any context can turn into an opportunity to “get things done”, whether it’s motherhood or making a playlist. On the dance floor the rhythm of staccato initially felt really comfortable to me because it was active, there was a beat to follow, finally we were going somewhere!! Through my deeper exploration on the dance floor, I’ve recognized that my relationship to staccato in LIFE has a lot of push to it. I’m really interested in cultivating a new relationship to staccato (on and off the dance floor), where I listen to my inspiration and my impulse, rather than just DOING because that’s my habit. Looking forward to creating and connecting in this space with you…

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