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The Empowered Body


In dance we scratch the surface of your true potential. Now it’s time to bring it to life.


Feeling like you’re following someone else’s map, and longing to find your OWN path?

Do you feel like you have clarity about what you desire but struggle to bring that out into taking action?


Feel like you get brief glimpses of your true potential, but aren't REALLY living that way?

Do you long to live your life from the clarity of your Inner Authority? To express yourself in ways that are authentic to who you really are?

Join The Empowered Body and reveal the answers to your questions:


What are YOUR authentic strengths?  

What's working and what's not in your life? 

What are some simple steps to get where you want to be?



Access a freedom of creative expression


Tap into your inner authority, (intuition & awareness to create inspired action)


Free yourself from the inhibition of your beliefs 

To feel: 

fully expressed





unrestrained by inhibitions


relating to others authentically

DEEP connection

a sense of community

belonging with like-minded people


Over the last year, I have been initiated into the 5 rhythms in Lucine's Sunday sunset class. It coincided with immense change and upheaval as my life 'fell apart'. Lucine's classes have provided a precious, safe, yet wild place to journey that inner landscape. Lucine consistently provides deep holding, presence and permission to lean towards my edges and dance whatever is arising. I have worked through many questions, patterns and reached beyond to integrating new possibilities. I deeply value how Lucine weaves this shared sacred space. It's been the most perfect reset for each week end/beginning, as well as this new life stage.

Catherine, Middle Park.

“I really benefit from the immediacy of the sessions and the gifts and messages that come to me through movement. These “take-home’s” play into my week, helping to inform how I interact with and interpret the surroundings and situations I find myself in. With a raised awareness and embodied perspective, my understanding is deepened, and thoughtfully layered through the lens of the learnings gleaned from each session. It’s a rewarding self-gift, and with her intuitive, considered, fun and caring approach, Lucine gets to the heart of the matter, and the dance begins. Thanks Lucine, I didn’t realise just how worthwhile this would be until I experienced it and I’m so glad I did.”

Lainie C.

..(t)he 5rhythms philosophy has really resonated with me. I use dance & music daily to help move my emotions through my body which seems to really help me through a challenging phase in my life.


I could feel all the different emotions move throughout my body with each song and especially in the meditation period in the middle of the class. 


I feel your class...has helped to shift my emotions of sadness and anxiety - to relief and hope. 


So thank you Lucine. Thank you 5Rhythms. Thank you, Gabrielle Roth.


About Lucine


Lucine has long held a passion for the medicine of movement. She has taught movement around the world, working with people from the most diverse life experience imaginable. Her passion is using movement to awaken all parts of our selves into full expression, to integrate our body's wisdom into our decisions and bring that integrity out into the world


She fell in love with the practice of 5Rhythms® in 2006 and has been a dedicated student since, finally becoming a teacher in 2016. She brought her two young children with her on this journey, and just as 5Rhythms® has informed her mothering, so has mothering been her great teaching.

Lucine was born & raised in Detroit and spent a decade living in South America before landing in Oz. Her musical offering reflects her eclectic life journey as you'll move from soul music to sacred shamanic with a dash of tribal house in the mix.


A large focus of her work is through one movement sessions; she's trained as a coach, a mediator, and has Masters degrees in conflict resolution. This work is embedded a decade of living in South America immersed in the study of shamanic traditions and medicines of indigenous Amazon cultures.