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This workshop offers a light and playful gateway into the wise and compassionate witness that lives within (in IFS called Self energy).  

In the 5Rhythms we dance our way from inertia into movement, from chaos into stillness. We give shapes and expression into the different aspects of ourselves and allow them to shape shift with practice and awareness. As we dance the wave time and again, we get a lived experience of connection with this Self who lives in the still place within our moving centre.

We will explore, through embodiment what is feels it like to be centred in this Self.  How can we build our capacity to hold space for all parts of ourselves, so that we can have a deeper relationship with Self, and from this place more authentic and love relationships with others.
Within this workshops are concepts from the therapeutic principles of Internal Family Systems, explored through the 5Rhythms embodiment map. While these bodies of work are therapeutic in nature, this workshop is not "therapy". Please check in with yourself if embodiment and exploration of parts feels appropriate and comfortable to you, and check in if you need further information.

Lucine is a certified 5Rhythms teacher and in training to become IFS Facilitator. This workshop will count as required training hours for anyone following the 5Rhythms teaching pathway.


When: Monday 31st October 7:15-9:45pm (Open Night/Taster)

& Tuesday 1st November (Cup Day) 10am-5:30pm

Where: Elwood Angling Club, 3 Elwood Beach Foreshore

Price: Early Bird (before 9th October) $199


Full Workshop $249

Taster Night Only $39

More Info: 

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