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The Space In Between.

I've written this text for the 5 week series that I'm running on Monday nights, for Moving Essence 5Rhythms®, so I thought I would share it here as well, so that if you're not dancing this series with me in person, you can take the invitation into your own practice.

In my life, I use my 5Rhythms® practice as a mirror to reflect where I’m stuck in old patterns, moving from a place of habit rather than continually sourcing the inspiration by listening to the present moment. I'm a habitual "do-er" and I'm accustomed to "making things happen", usually with a fair bit of push, and an edge of impatience.

This series “The Space in Between” comes from that enquiry; where do I source the impulse to transition between the Rhythms? Does it come from my mind? From my habit of the rhythms? Does it come from the music? Or is it coming from my body? Where in my body do I feel the impulse? Can I wait until I feel the impulse even when the music has already transitioned?

I personally struggle with waiting for the impulse, and in choosing to say yes to invitation recently in my practice it's revealed all sorts of new ways of being & moving that have so much to offer me for my ways of being in life. I'm hoping this enquiry will do the same for you.

Our first week’s exploration will look at the space in between stillness & flow. Where do you feel the impulse to begin? How do you relate to beginnings? Do you habitually dive in? Or habitually hold back? What happens when you do neither of these? Looking forward to deepening into our practice together over through this enquiry....

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