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What is School Social Distance Dance 

If you have arrived at this page it's because your children attend the same school (St. Columba) or Childcare (The Avenue) as mine. So you, just like me, would be feeling the shock of sudden change and adaptation of trying to juggle still needing to work, PLUS having your kids with you all the time, with no clear sense of when they'll be able to play with their friends again.

Up until mid-March 2020, I was a movement teacher and coach, all of which went out the window when social distancing came to be a necessity. In 10 days I went through the learning curve of how to adapt all my teaching, DJing, and facilitation work online. Then I went to go teach my first adult class. It was going great.... until my kids ran in and stole the show! 

It occurred to me that if I was struggling to find space to work, exercise, have fun, then this must be true for a lot of people. And the idea of a kids (family friendly) dance came up which I started to run on Sundays.

I decided to run the group specifically for the school groups because I am seeing that the kids are missing interaction. Meaningful, facilitated interaction. So rather than a kids dance class where they are going to learn specific move, this class is an invitation into collaboration, exploration and engagement, with your family, through the body. I request that as a parent you participate, or at least are somewhere nearby to support their interaction.

Finally for these classes in particular, I'm offering them by donation, because I want to encourage the participation of everyone who wants to be there, independent of the resources that they can contribute.  

So, if this interests you, click on the donate button relevant to your child, enter the amount that is right for you, and you will be re-directed to a zoom link for this week's session. We're taking things week by week for now :)

***Please note if there are less than 4 students total in any given class, that class will not run that week. In that case you will receive an email minimum 30 mins in advance,and a refund or a credit for the next class***

Finally, have a read of the "useful tips" below as to how to get yourself set up to make this session most technologically easeful and enjoyable! 

Year 1/2 Class Dance Registration
Every Wednesday 4:30-5:15pm
Pay as you Feel

The Avenue Children's Centre & Kindergarten. Times Coming soon... 

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