1:1 Embodiment Coaching

For more than a decade I've worked with people in one on one in processes of transformation, both as a facilitator and a coach. My clients are here to expand personally, collectively & spiritually and we need tools to integrate that expansion into practical and material ways of living. 

Embodiment coaching sessions were created as a space to harness the power when the alignment of the body’s wisdom, the mind’s intellect and the heart’s knowing are working together. In these sessions we use the structure of a formal coaching session, with the movement exercises & tools to explore patterns and themes in the client's life. The focus of an embodiment session is to seek new ways of relating to old patterns; to step outside of familiar repetitions into the expansive terrain of creativity. This is not therapy and we are not here to “fix” anything, but rather to co-create and co-discover what else is possible, outside of the familiar and well-worn paths of the mind.

This process demands presence, full commitment to self-awareness and uncompromising compassion. The rewards are profound. To have a look at previous client's testimonials, follow this link.

I work only with people who commit to changes as a process, rather than one-off sessions. If you're interested in finding out more about my work and registering interest in the coaching process, send me an expression of interest here.