3 Class Options for Social Distance Dancing

Sunday Family Dance:  

A 45 minute session over zoom (Livestreaming a 30 minute musical wave) This is geared towards families (not a kids only class!) Because now more than ever we need to move TOGETHER, play, cry and laugh together. And because we can't get any space from our kids even if we tried!!!   ;)

Days/Times: Sundays 3:45-4:40pm AEST

Payment Options $10/15 

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Sunday Sunset 5Rhythms Online:  

We will begin with 15 mins warm up at 4:45 and then have our opening intention/teaching at 5. We will dance a 60 minute wave and then have a closing circle for connecting/sharing your experience. This class is geared toward adults (obviously your children might be present, but please be mindful music and facilitation is not geared towards children) 

Days/Times: Sundays 4:45-6:16pm

Pricing: Regular $20/Concession $15

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Evolving Practice Sangha:

This is a committed 6 week series of facilitated group sessions held with ONE consistent group, or sangha, your community of practice.
Each session will begin by dancing a full wave together. We will then hold a circle with facilitated reflective practice & coaching exercises. Our topic is THE topic at hand: How do we use all of our practice and all of our creative resources to evolve and MEET what this time is asking of each one of us. To release what is out of date, no longer relevant, to develop NEW tools,  so we can come through this time, not just surviving but EVOLVING as a community.

Dates: Mondays 6th April-11th May Inclusive  

TImes: 7:30 -9:00pm

Price: Regular $250   Concession $200   Financial Need $175

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