Dance Offerings 2021

Drop-In Classes, Committed Groups & Individual Sessions

"You didn't really think this was about dancing, did you?"

- Gabrielle Roth 

Sunday Sunset 5 Rhythms: Resurrected

Sunday Sunset 5Rhythms Resurrected  

What: Weekly face-to-face 5Rhythms class 

Where: Elwood Angling Club

Days/Times: Sundays 5:30-7:30pm AEST (Melbourne time)

Pricing: Single Entry $25 in advance

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and contact tracing requirements

all sessions must be booked in advance



1:1 Embodiment Coaching with Lucine


Harnessing your personalised transformative power

Minimum of 3 session commitment to harness the potential of this work 

Face to face (outdoors) or Zoom available 

Committed Group Series
A 5-Week Community for Deep Dive Transformation


Sangha:Embodied Resilience




Watch this space...


"Being part of the 5Rhythms Sangha group held by Lucine has assisted me greatly in becoming intimate with my emotions and with parts of myself that have been hard to face.


I have felt hopeful about what I have to offer the world in areas of my passions that I had shut off from due to trauma. I felt myself opening up to possibilities and visions of doing the things I love again... 


The other participants in the Sangha have been a great support and the insights we have shared with one another have greatly assisted me in my life. I’m very grateful that Lucine created this space for us all. Being part of the Sangha has had an incredible and moving impact on my life. I will be rejoining the next group. Thank you."

-F.M.D  (Recent Participant)